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Luxury press on nails designed by professional artist, Denise 'deLaSNP' Coke.

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Created with an artistic eye

Your Nails Should Be You

The Story of eCLACKtic

In 2020, Denise 'deLaSNP' Coke realized her love for nail art would be abruptly interrupted with the devastation of COVID-19. With nothing but time and opportunity, she began learning about gel extensions and the nail industry.

With over 9 years of professional design experience, eCLACKtic's press-on nails will tap into a new market merging the beauty industry with technology. Stay tuned for updates in 2021!

The eCLACKtic Woman

Our clients are women from all walks of life who have diverse educational and professional backgrounds. Our products appeal to women who usually have an active lifestyle and don’t have time to sit in a salon, but care about their physical beauty. These women are concerned about health and they look for vegan products because mind and body wellness are important to them; they also support black owned, woman owned, and minority owned businesses. 

The eCLACKtic woman is one who does yoga, takes bubble baths, loves aesthetically pleasing things, is probably a plant mom, has picnics, and is planning to move or already has moved into her first apartment after graduating college. Our younger clients look up to women who have peace within themselves and want the same thing for their own lives.